The Legacy of Budhani Bros Waferwala began when the tragic death of both their parents left the Budhani brothers orphaned. Fueled by the calling to support the family, Madhavji Budhani left his home in Bhuj in search of work. On the route to seeking his fortunes he reached Pune and rented a 100 sq. ft. room on M.G. Road which served as his living and manufacturing quarters. With the tiny capital he had accumulated over the years he bought a small stove, frying pan, hand peeler & few potatoes.

On August 30th, 1955 he launched his potato wafers manufacturing business. He soon called down his brothers Motilal M. Budhani & Mangaldas M. Budhani to help in his business. The 3 brothers were stronger together. They took turns to fry wafers & cycled around the city to sell them. With passing time the brothers got married & their wives helped them to fry wafers while the brothers took care of the business. The business started to grow bigger and they graduated to a large Coal Fryer and an iron Karahi. With the phenomenal success of potato wafers, the family introduced potato chiwda (mixture), potato salli (sticks) & salted peanuts and cashew nuts.

In 1970 the business grew stronger and better when they switched to a convenient Gas Fryer. The brothers soon introduced varieties of wafers & mixtures which were packed in polythene packets. In 1974 the family bought a range of semi-automatic machines and Diesel Fryers.

Soon enough, the second generation of Arvind, Dilip, Suresh, Kishore and Paresh Budhani started getting involved in the business. The young minds vision to increase the production while maintaining the taste & quality of wafers led them to innovate a stainless steel fryer in 1988 which was heat proof, sound proof & had temperature controlling mechanism.

Our Vision

To become one of the top wafers and snacks manufacturers and distributors in the world. We plan to fulfill this by using the most advanced latest technologies to produce highest quality products in the least possible time.

Our Mission

We have a straight forward and a clear mission. To provide a wide range of best quality and appropriately priced snacks to everyone, everywhere.